Leon My name is Leon Novicke IV. I’m an accomplished tattooer from Vineland, NJ, with 10 years experience under my belt. (I have also been a body piercer for 13 years.) Aside from tattooing and piercing, I am a TIG/MIG Welder and a skilled mechanic. You could say I’m just all around good with my hands. I am passionate about everything I do. There is no ‘medium’ setting inside me, it’s 110% or nothing at all! I’ve always had some sort of art in my life. My grandmother was a painter and photographer, and my father had a leather and wood/mill working background. As a child I frequently drew, scribbled and colored, but my real passion was disassembling my toys and reassembling them into bigger “better” play things. Looking back, I see the same scenarios playing through my mind as I fit together pieces and add new parts to create my Armour Rests, which are built by me alone. Armour Rests, and metal fabrication in general, is the mechanical aspect of my creative outlet. Building them enables me to gain further inspiration and rejuvenation. I’m proud to say, over the past 6 years, Armour Rests have evolved into a major competitor in the tattoo armrest business, and I believe are the best quality in the industry. Built by a tattoo artist, for tattoo artists.